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Did that just happen?


Have you ever felt that you were going in the right direction with your career, school, dating, etc…and then LIFE HAPPENS?  Life threw you a curve ball you WERE NOT READY FOR! Maybe someone died or you got sick or your car failed or your relationship all of a sudden fell apart…..and YOU completely fell apart. You broke down, and you thought there was no way to recover… so you gave up and went another direction. Have you ever stopped when things got bad and later on you were haunted with the question….what if I had just keep going?

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The Storm

I remember being younger and it would be storming outside. My mother, grandparents, and aunts would say, “Get some food and blankets and let’s go in the living room.” Yep, the living room!  Most people go in the basement for shelter… NOT. MY. FAMILY. We’re in the front room laughing, joking, eating and sleeping. We opened the windows and we had that old school screen door ya know, the one that you had to squeeze the 2 sides and pull so the air can come through!. lol! Why did we go to the front room and not the basement? 

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You never know if you can fly until you JUMP!  There are always defining moments when we look back on our lives and ask the famous question….-WHAT IF? Have you ever ask that? think about it….that question only comes up when we’re faced with a SUCKY situation in life, and we begin to say ” IF I HAD ONLY DONE”—— You fill in the blanks. 

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Everyone has a FAVORITE pair of pants or…..a comfortable shirt right? The funny thing is that, we’re even willing to wear them, even if they don’t fit like they use to. isn’t it funny how we make ADJUSTMENTS for things/people so that THEY can be more comfortable and we suffer?  

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Happy Now?!

Have you ever perfectly fit into a spot that you SHOULD NOT have been in?  You thought you were perfect for the that position didn’t you?….You could’ve sworn that you were suppose to be with him/her…you thought that if you could just get the financial aid for school it would be perfect RIGHT?! NOPE!

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