Have you ever been stuck? So many times we get nervous when God gives us the vision/picture without the instructions. Or, we get these crazy instructions w/o a visual and we freak out because they don’t make sense. Wait…and to top it all off, the vision that God gives us doesn’t match our current financial situation! The moment he speaks 99% of the time we FREEZE! We instantly begin to doubt and say things like……This doesn’t make sense, How can i afford it, and this is the BIG ONE…PEOPLE WILL THINK IM CRAZY! I’m SCREAMING at you to do one thing…. GET UNSTUCK! This year, you MUST follow the instructions before you see the provision! Once you move on what God is telling you to do, then you’ll see that everything was in place the ENTIRE time! Normally we want to wait until everything is in order until we move…why is that? NOT.THIS.YEAR!

My prayer for you is that no matter how crazy it sounds or how uncomfortable you feel…YOU.WILL.TRUST.GOD