Can’t find my keys!

Have you ever lost your car keys? If you are anything like me then you probably have! See, losing yours keys is a pain… why? because, it always happens when you are going somewhere. The House becomes a mess- you get frustrated- and YOU JUST LOSE TIME! Let me help you…its not what you’re looking for that’s the problem…its WHERE you’re looking thats the issue. So many times when we are headed somewhere in life, we look for the keys that we need to get where we’re going in relationships, jobs, loans, and so many other things. The problem is that we get frustrated, and we exhaust ourselves looking to people and things that can’t help us. Tell me…isn’t it a frustrating joy when you finally find your keys?! The frustrating part is, EVERYTHING was tore up because of your frantic search and you realized there was a ton of cleaning to do LOL. The JOY  was that the keys were on YOU the ENTIRE time! EVERYTHING that YOU need to be what GOD has designed for you to be is in YOU!

Stop wasting time looking for things that you already have. God has equipped you with every tool, and invention that you need to fulfill the purpose for your life! You have lost relationships, because people couldn’t give you what you wanted them too. The truth is that sometimes God will cut off resources so that you can discover that what you’re looking for, YOU already have!

My prayer for you is that you will know and take comfort in this season that YOU.ARE.ENOUGH! You are what you’re looking for! AMEN