Everyone has a FAVORITE pair of pants or…..a comfortable shirt right? The funny thing is that, we’re even willing to wear them, even if they don’t fit like they use to. isn’t it funny how we make ADJUSTMENTS for things/people so that THEY can be more comfortable and we suffer?  


For example, those relationships you’ve OUTGROWN, but you stay with them because of what they USE to be. Or, the girl/guy that you were dating that you KNOW you’ve outgrown…..but you REFUSE.TO.LEAVE…..and then you have the nerve to complain about how bad things are…Go through your life and see what you have been forcing to fit and do some DEEP CLEANING! YOU.CAN.DO.IT!


Today, I challenge you to THROW away those old things that don’t fit anymore…whatever/whoever they are.  This is a new season and a new time for you.  MAKE ADJUSTMENTS FOR YOUR GROWTH!