You never know if you can fly until you JUMP!  There are always defining moments when we look back on our lives and ask the famous question….-WHAT IF? Have you ever ask that? think about it….that question only comes up when we’re faced with a SUCKY situation in life, and we begin to say ” IF I HAD ONLY DONE”—— You fill in the blanks. The only reason you didn’t take the risk was because YOU WERE AFRAID!  You let fear PUNK you! Yep, you sure did.. Right now take a breath and own it. Now declare that Fear will NEVER rule my life again! However, because of what happened you live in regret, and disappointment. You listened to negativity…surrounded yourself with dream killers-and let your surroundings dictate your actions. TODAY is the day you STOP living in what you didn’t do, and begin to live in what you’re about to do!

Its time to JUMP! This time, there will be NO REGRETS! God has made a investment in you and he’s expecting a return! Start the business/ finish school/get married/trust people again/ TRUST GOD COMPLETELY/. The list goes on and on! Read Matthew 26:14-30. THIS.IS.YOUR.TIME So seize the moment and believe that whatever God is pushing you to do, its already been taken care of…JUMP!