The Storm

I remember being younger and it would be storming outside. My mother, grandparents, and aunts would say, “Get some food and blankets and let’s go in the living room.” Yep, the living room!  Most people go in the basement for shelter… NOT. MY. FAMILY. We’re in the front room laughing, joking, eating and sleeping. We opened the windows and we had that old school screen door ya know, the one that you had to squeeze the 2 sides and pull so the air can come through!. lol! Why did we go to the front room and not the basement?  Glad you asked that question. Listen to me; we DID NOT allow what was going on the outside to affect what was happening on the inside! Right now, you’re experiencing storms everywhere, but the only problem is that you’re allowing those storms to dictate your mood! Check this out: A STORM YOU CAN’T SLEEP IN IS A STORM YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER!”I know things are difficult right now; the marriage is tough, school is hard, you’re at A DEAD END JOB, you’re in between jobs, you’re lonely,  no car, frustrated….. Guess what? All this will pass, and as long as you don’t run in the basement lol… you’ll see that the storm had a purpose….. and it was to make you STRONGER.