Did that just happen?


Have you ever felt that you were going in the right direction with your career, school, dating, etc…and then LIFE HAPPENS?  Life threw you a curve ball you WERE NOT READY FOR! Maybe someone died or you got sick or your car failed or your relationship all of a sudden fell apart…..and YOU completely fell apart. You broke down, and you thought there was no way to recover… so you gave up and went another direction. Have you ever stopped when things got bad and later on you were haunted with the question….what if I had just keep going?

Maybe you are in a spot right now where life is kicking your butt, and you’re wanting to quit, you know… abandon your goals/assignment in life. DON’T. DO. IT! I’m telling you if you just keep going you’ll see what’s happening to you was only created to make you BETTER, STRONGER, SMARTER and WISER!  You have to believe that. Say this>>(WHERE I AM IS PREPARING ME FOR WHERE I’M GOING) You have to believe it. There is a course that is set for your life and you have to believe that God has a plan, and he is never thrown off when life takes you by surprise……  HANG IN THERE!