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Jai Joins Joyce Meyer Ministries

In February 2014, after helping a church in the Chicago area start a thriving youth ministry, Jai and her family moved back to their home town St. Louis, MO and accepted the position of Worship Pastor at the St. Louis Dream Center of Joyce Meyer Ministries. St. Louis is the headquarters for the ministry and in 2000, Joyce and Dave increased their outreach efforts when they founded the St. Louis Dream Center. This ministry is located in the inner city of St. Louis and Jai and her family serve as pastors and on site urban missionaries. Her husband Isiah is currently the youth pastor for the ministry. This ministry feeds over 88,000 people a month and buses in the homeless every week to get showers, haircuts, groceries and an outfit for free. The Dream Center also provides free lunches to the community every M-F in the soup kitchen. Jai is excited about where God has her in this season and is enjoying being the hands and feet of Jesus in this neighborhood. http://stldreamcenter.org/about-us/meet-our-staff/