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Man, This weekend was a rough one! It was one of those weekends where Satan attempts to disqualify you although you know with EVERYTHING in your heart that you are qualified to do whatever it is that God had appointed you to do. Although we know he is a complete idiot and liar, it was actually a bit difficult to active my authority and command him to leave, because I was beginning to believe him. Thankfully, with much prayer and a talk with my AWESOME husband (visit his website at isiahtalks.com) I was reminded of my purpose and reminded that although the vision is delayed, it’s not denied!! God’s promises are YES and AMEN! IT IS SO! No matter how impossible things look, we have to BELIEVE! Easier said than done right? Trust me I know. I was asking God, why is it so hard to activate my authority right now and He revealed to me that is was because I was believing the lies. It was also because I had some blockage going on. Some unforgiveness that I had thought was over, but still had little seeds there. He also revealed that I had a little jealousy in there. And lastly, He revealed that I had a LOT of fear. Not fear as we naturally think of it, because I deem myself to be quite fearless, but this was a different type of fear. This was a fear that if I built my faith to a certain level and really believed, I feared that whatever I was believing for wouldn’t happen again. That junk hurts. When you really believe that this is it, but then it doesnt happen… whew… maybe it’s just me? However I am declaring that my faith rises to a point that fear doesn’t fit! We are fearless and full of faith, not based of of circumstances, in Jesus’ name.. Amen! It is so! Love yall! Jai